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I am a dog person. Funny how people categorize themselves that way, but in this instance it is true. I cannot see myself owning a different kind of pet. Currently, Mr. Beauregard is off running around the prairie while I'm here in Ao Nang, Thailand finishing my Masters in Reiki.

Getting here to Krabi, took me 3 days. I began in Kansas City at 3 am on Thursday the 25th and got to Krabi on Saturday afternoon at 2 pm. Thailand currently has a test and go program where I was held over in Bangkok for a night, testing outside of a hotel at 1 am when I finally arrived from my layover in Seoul. It was a crazy blender, whirlwind of hours of travel. Everyone very kind and generous along the way.

I remember my time at Marina's school from 2019 very well, as it was a transformative time for me and I knew (when I was ready) I would one day return. One of the many remarkable things about Marina is her love of animals. She has housed, nurtured and cared for dozens of abandoned creatures in her 30 years here in Thailand. But of course, of all the animals, I remember her dogs. There are 13 currently here at the center.

Of all the dogs though, I remember Shiva. When you are living here on the property, you are in "the country" i.e "the jungle" so you have to accept that there are creatures everywhere that will live in harmony with you... if you do so with them. Lizards on the walls, toads, exotic birds...and yes, cobras. And I get slightly faint writing that. One was caught in the kitchen by warrior Marina the other night. He was trying to get the mice, and she needed to cook food for the students. She caught it, and released it. I heard the story after arriving, thank you.

So when I first came in 2019, the pack leader Shiva would always sleep on the porch of my bungalow. When I asked Marina she said..."to protect you and keep the cobras, etc away". Every night, I would check to make sure Shiva was out there, and he was. When I returned this past week, Shiva was there again to make sure I was ok.

Dogs. They are the most forgiving, loving, incredible creatures on the planet. Their hearts and cups seem to always be full. If we could greet each other and the world every day, the way our dogs greet us upon returning, think of how different this world would feel.

In yoga the other morning, one of our teachers, in speaking about love, said to us: We cannot give to others, what we do not have for ourselves. That has stuck with me this week, as I watch the endless bounty of love these dogs spread every day to anyone who arrives here.

I will always be grateful to Shiva, for the lessons of loyalty, love and memory he has given me.



A video of my reunion with Shiva here:

Marina's School here (where you can also make a donation to the animals):

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