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Beautiful Landscape
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Greetings from the Prairie

Songs of the Celtic Winter II - OUT NOW

Hello friends,

I am writing to you on the eve of the release of part II of my Celtic Winter series. I read my words below of what I hoped in the future this album would become; and it did become just that. An open, quiet, intentional album to heal what needs healing in all of us right now. A return to the quiet as the Winter begins to set in around us and we begin to shed what doesn't serve us anymore. I hope you will sit with these 10 tracks and let it guide you on the journey I envisioned with the help of my dear, talented friends. 

I will be doing only one show to release this album at the University of Kansas. *Stay tuned for a possible virtual ticket. Please join the mailing list and follow me on socials to hear more up to date news on this project along with the rest of of my comings and goings. 

I hope in the last 11 months since I last wrote, you have found some peace and answers for yourself in whatever you needed to find. 

Myself, I found many answers in writing and creating this album. I hope it opens some doors, or closes some for you too. 

Be well,


January 21, 2022


Hello friends,

It has been a while since I have posted an update here, and so I decided today, January 21st, was a good day to change that. As the world has been in flux for the past couple of years, so has my writing and producing new material. Firstly, thank you all so much for your support of "When the Stars Went Out".  An offering by the AD Band, born out of the first 5 months of Covid. A project I will never forget and always treasure the tracks on that album. See the music page here if you missed it. 

I've begun to write again. Winter is my favorite time to write, as it is the time when we naturally turn inward and see what has been happening over these past months in our hearts and minds. This year marks the 10 year anniversary to "Songs of the Celtic Winter" and so I have decided to continue her journey and write a companion album, Part II. The style of it will be a shift in what I have been doing, because a very clear vision came to me on what this album should sound and feel like while driving one day. That this album should have space, lulling motifs, and simplicity. Something I feel we are all attracted to at the moment. Safe, content, warm, open, free spaces. I hope to create this environment for you, through my words and music. 

As always, it will be a journey. And what I envision now, might look very different 6 months from now. But that is the beauty of art. It guides us if we don't fight it. Just like love.

In other news, I was supposed to be in Thailand for these 6 weeks completing my Reiki masters degree, but yet another imposed quarantine moved those plans to a later date in the spring. But the unexpected time has given me the space to do treatments out of my own space here in Kansas (distance and in person), & continue to study and write music. I will be soon releasing a blog that ties all of these things together, that I hope you might follow, so in nine months you will know how I got to where I am in music and in life. 

Be well with big open hearts (even when you don't feel like it!)



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