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Dear Friends,

As the holidays come to a close and we embark on another trip around the sun, I am reminded of how important this time of the year is and how poignant the “wintering” aspect of our lives becomes with each passing year. Many find the time after the holidays overwhelming. The stillness, the quiet, the what is next can feel overwhelming. I used to feel this way and dreaded it. Now, I look forward to it greatly as a time of rest, a shedding time of old things and rejuvenation with new mantras in place for the year ahead. I hope that wherever you are, alone or surrounded, that you find great peace in these next three months as we cocoon for a bit until it’s time to stretch our arms out in the Spring.


In the coming year, I’ll be sharing more about my new album “Mantra” and why I created it, and also it’s digital release in the Spring. I will also be launching a companion website to this one that is centered around healing and the small healing practice I opened now over five years ago. My goal, as always, is to move the music and the healing worlds closer together. *Also, look out for a wellness retreat with me sometime in 2024. 


In the meantime, I hope that you’ll use the two Winter albums I created to get through these darker days to repair, reflect and rejuvenate. It was the sole purpose I created them and will continue to do a lot of writing around Winter in the days to come.


Please stay in touch and…Happy Wintering!




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