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The Ashley Davis Band - When the Stars Went Out


Ashley Davis’s latest album, When the Stars Went Out, is her most challenging and creative yet. The first album Davis composed in partnership with her touring band (The Ashley Davis Band) it blends the skill and influences of renowned multi-instrumentalists Dave Curley, Colin Farrell, Will MacMorran, and Duncan Wickel. Ashley’s long-time producer Gawain Mathews led production with the band. While the album’s country roots style documents an expanding American folk music tradition, the details in individual lyrics carve out a personal space of emotive expression: “If you’re from a roots background,” Davis explains, “you start to crave that space, the quiet and the purity of it.” 


The AD Band also embraced the added challenge of recording virtually, under lockdown, which became an experiment in modern songwriting. With each track recorded from the artists’ homes, there was a natural volleying of creativity as the songs were built piecemeal from distant places. As the album grew, so did its virtual network as many artists from the American Roots, Irish, and Irish - American music world lent their talents to the project.  Some of the names from that group are: Heidi Talbot, Tim O’Brien, Tony Furtado,  Kevin Crawford, Mick McAuley, Shane Hennessy, and Grammy-award winner Shawn Colvin. 


When the Stars Went Out is an album of diverse personalities, linked cohesively by Davis’s poetic, powerful vocals. It is also a living, singing archive of the pandemic, of sharing creativity together while exploring those tender, pensive moments of isolation.


When the Stars Went Out is available now Click Here. 

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